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Copyright © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Eur. J. Pers. 22: 725-726 (2008)



Volume 22, Issue Nos. 1-8


Issue No. 1, February 2008 Editorial J. B. Asendorpf

Evidence for Conditional Sex Differences in Emotional but Not in Sexual Jealousy at the Automatic Level of Cognitive Processing L. Penke and J. B. Asendorpf Comment The Basic Cognition of Jealousy: An Evolutionary Perspective J. K. Maner and T. K. Shackelford Single-Item Big Five Ratings in a Social Network Design J. J. A. Denissen, R. Geenen, M. Selfhout and M. A. G. van Aken The Role of Personality in Defeat: A Revised Social Rank Model E. D. Sturman and M. Mongrain .

Issue No. 2, March 2008 Factors of Values in The Dutch Language and Their Relationship to Factors of Personality B. De Raad and J. P. Van Oudenhoven

Adolescents’ Music Preferences and Personality Characteristics

M. J. M. H. Delsing, T. F M. Ter Bogt, R. C. M. E. Engels and W. H. J. Meeus .. . Attachment Styles, Conflict Styles and Humour Styles: Interrelationships and Associations with Relationship Satisfaction

A. Cann, M. A. Norman, J. L. Welbourne and L. G. Calhoun Erratum & Addendum The Construct Validity of Three Entry Level Personality Inventories Used in the UK: A Cautionary Case Study

ING MRIOENOMM ANODE Ss CMOS 6s Ss had a Sad din do as he twee sean Sacee ys Comments Comment on Anderson and Ones (2008)

L. R. Goldberg, K. Lee and M. C. Ashton Rejoinder to Goldberg, Lee and Ashton (2008): Explaining Counterintuitive Findings

Fee Penrtetselkh Aten EY) SHOMES. 5 <5) st ele os ee Sa des Ue ee eeece hae es

Issue No. 3, May 2008

Editorial Beyond Conscientiousness: A Personality Perspective on the Widening Sex Difference in School Performance

W. Johnson Sex Differences in School Performance as a Function of Conscientiousness, Imagination and the Mediating Role of Problem Behaviour

F. De Fruyt, K. Van Leeuwen, M. De Bolle and B. De Clercq Sex Differences in School Achievement: What Are the Roles of Personality and Achievement Motivation?

R. Steinmayr and B. Spinath


The Nature and Nurture of Intelligence and Motivation in the Origins of Sex Differences in Elementary School Achievement

F. M. Spinath, B. Spinath and R. Plomin Predicting School Achievement in Boys and Girls

H. H. Freudenthaler, B. Spinath and A. C. Neubauer Moderating Effects of Personality on the Genetic and Environmental Influences of School Grades Helps to Explain Sex Differences in Scholastic Achievement

B. M. Hicks, W. Johnson, W. G. Iacono and M. McGue

Issue No. 4, June 2008

Which of the Big Five Factors are in Need of Situational Specification?

Bibe Raia E. Sullotvand Ds PT Banelas: cocks fake eee cos celeien eaiacnes Lexical Studies of Filipino Person Descriptors: Adding Personality-Relevant Social and Physical Attributes

S. M. Imperio, A. T. Church, M. S. Katigbak and J. A. S. Reyes ............ Agreeableness is Related to Social-Cognitive, but not Social-Perceptual, Theory of Mind

D. Nettle and B. Liddle Living Up to High Standards and Psychological Distress

N. W. Van Yperen and M. Hagedoorn Digit Ratio (2D:4D) and Cattell’s Personality Traits

J. Lindova, M. HruSkova, V. Pivonkova, A. Kubéna and J. Flegr

Issue No. 5, August 2008


Editor: Jens B. Asendorpf Editorial J. B. Asendorpf What is Reinforcement Sensitivity? Neuroscience Paradigms for Approach- avoidance Process Theories of Personality L. D. Smillie Discussion on ‘What is Reinforcement Sensitivity? Neuroscience Paradigms for Approach-avoidance Processes in Personality’ by Luke D. Smillie Open Peer Commentary Neurobiological Paradigms Should Complement but Not Substitute Self-reported Questionnaires C. Avila and R. Torrubia Two Distinct Bases of Inhibition of Behaviour: Viewing Biological Phenomena Through the Lens of Psychological Theory C. S. Carver A Cognitive-affective Extension to Reinforcement Sensitivity M.-L. Chavanon, G. Stemmler and J. Wacker Psychobiological Research is Crucial for Understanding Human Personality C. R. Cloninger

An Intermediate-level Approach to Personality: Dissolving the Bottom-up and Top-down Dilemma

P. J. Corr

Is RST the Newtonian Mechanics of Personality Psychology? W. Johnson and V. Deary Challenges to Personality Neuroscience: Measurement, Complexity and Adaptation G. Matthews Unscrambling the Personality Omelette N. McNaughton Switching the Perspective: From Neuroscience to Personality M. Reuter and C. Montag Personality is More than Reinforcement Sensitivity W. Revelle and J. Wilt Author’s Response: The Conceptualisation, Measurement and Scope of Reinforcement Sensitivity in the Context of a Neuroscience of Personality L. D. Smillie Comparative Personality Research: Methodological Approaches J. Uher Discussion on ‘Comparative Personality Research: Methodological Approaches’ by Jana Uher Open Peer Commentary The Behavioural Repertoire Approach in Comparative Personality Research: Inconsistencies Between Theory and Practice C. Carere and D. Maestripieri Climbing Out of Our Minds to Understand Personality W. Johnson Extending the Personality Triad to Nonhuman Samples C. S. Nave, R. A. Sherman and D. C. Funder Putting Ethology (Back) into Human Personality Psychology D. Nettle A Quest for Universals in Comparative Personality Research: What Mad Pursuit A. Realo and J. Allik

The Next Step: Towards Personality Development in Animals? M. A. G. van Aken

Animal Personality, Behaviours or Traits: What Are We Measuring? Rr VAN CIORS orcs gs NAN 3 cinta te MAA WA ie Wes oe ln DIN Saal Oe we aI RO Species of Nonhuman Personality Assessment A. Weiss and M. J. Adams Author’s Response: Three Methodological Core Issues of Comparative Personality Research J. Uher

Issue No. 6, October 2008

Neuroticism Predicts Reactions to Cues of Social Inclusion J. J. A. Denissen and L. Penke The Personality Basis of Justice: The Five-Factor Model as an Integrative Model of Personality and Procedural Fairness Effects on Cooperation A. Van Hiel, D. De Cremer and J. Stouten The Intergenerational Transmission of Social Dominance: A Three-Generation Study A. Chatard and L. Selimbegovic Transactional Development of Parent Personality and Child Temperament N. Komsi, K. Raikk6nen, K. Heinonen, A.-K. Pesonen, P. Keskivaara, A.-L. Jarvenpaa and T. E. Strandberg

Issue No. 7, November 2008

A Study of Personality in Children Aged 8-12 Years: Comparing Self- and Parents’ Ratings

V. Quartier and J. Rossier Locus of Control and the Flow Experience: An Experimental Analysis

J. Keller and F. Blomann Personal Values and Relational Models

P. Biber, J. Hupfeld and L. L. Meier A Stronger Latent-Variable Methodology to Actual—Ideal Discrepancy

L. F. Scalas and H. W. Marsh

Issue No. 8, December 2008

Contextual Cues as a Source of Response Bias in Personality Questionnaires: The Case of the NEO-FFI

B. Krahé, J. Becker and J. Zéllter Proximity and Distance Goals in Adult Attachment

M. Dewitte and J. De Houwer Understanding and Using the Implicit Association Test: V. Measuring Semantic Aspects of Trait Self-Concepts

K. Schnabel, J. B. Asendorpf and A. G. Greenwald Parental Styles, Gender and the Development of Hope and Self-Esteem

P. Heaven and J. Ciarrochi

Author Index

PGOTIAL ACHMOWICOCEIMNCINOS 55.5 2.5.2 5 is-< oie eR.+ ode a ee Soe tere

WOMMEC REIINOIES 25 02 2 cers tS See tia el eee a ee eee