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\ Waste

few; with-their prices;

Post Tavern Special............ Poarls of Wheat I

rimrose Wheat.................. Wheat Hearts ...7...1........

Aunt Jemima’s Pan Cake Mlapjack MHou®.,.3...5..2........ Corn Wigkesets2— nc: =.

OT I OE A i te nn ln i 1

Best Place for Coffees and Teas

To Complain about the New Food Products— i Prepared Ceriats, ete., because they are Good, Whole Palatable, Cheap. Better try them than rail at them. We have a fine assortment of those most approved,


Here are'a

ore package 20c

a atanaenanes package 15c

NA ratte ad package 15c oss seoeescseseeseness Package Zhe Flour ........... 2 packages 25c 1+ +t e 2 packages 25c

Brie tai hinesie package 10c

- =

E. P. HEISE, Grocer.

PHONE, Redwood 268L

2-9-0- 9-6

Enterprise Bakery

GREY & ANDREWS, Prop’s 25 Broadway, Redwood City hone, Redwood 14

All Home Baking

Bread, Cakes and Pies Delivered in Redwood and Vicinity

24 Loaves for $1.00

Oi PionapeesRtore



FRESHEST and Most COMPLETE Stock of ck Buasad © To be tound in

any store between



keeps in stock whatever you want to eat. There 's no doubt about the | quality, as nothing but standard groceries ‘are sold, Before going to “in Francisco to buy your winter cul at the Pioneer Store ‘nd consult Chamberlain ‘le will save you money


‘lls Hardware, Nails, "ools, Screws, Locks, ete. Almost anythin . ‘iay ever want in that | line is kept on hand, {

CHAMBERLAIN | 0ld Pioneer Store’

_ Furniture for the par- ‘or, bed-room, sitting- ‘om, dining-room, or office, may be had at his ‘Store at reasonable prices

Carpets, Pugs, Mats, Oil Cloths, Curtains, Wail Paper, ete, New stock of hew patterns just in. See them,


of Words


ALL THIS WEEK From 10 A. M. to6 P. M.

Bring the Children

He will have some Little Gifts for them

“The Regent” PALO ALTO é Telephone, Palo Alto 881K /.


-P. E. BRAND Plumber

Gas and Steam Fitter

223 MAIN STREET Odd Fellows Building

Jobbing a Specialty

Prompt Service PHONE, Redwood 2R

einen hoa

Redwood City CYCLERY

217 Main Street

provisions ( Motorcycle Supplies, Oil and Gasoline

Rambler and Cleveland Bicyeles Repairing Promptly Done


Second-Hand Bicycles Bought and Sold Bicycle Renting for ladies or gentlemen

JESSE R. BEESON, Prop’r _ PHONE, Redwood 2543

- FRANK ANDREWS AGENT Santa Cruz Portland Cement EMPIRE PLASTER, LIME Monterey Sand = Rock _— Gravel MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA Phone, Palo Alto 387 ts =i When in La Ffonda Stop at CAVALLI BROS.

All Kinds of Fancy Groceries and Supplies on Hand.

Fine wines, liquore and cigars. Our prices are } as low aa the lowest.





| Sunday evening at 7:30 an alarm | of fire was sounded by the siren of | the city department. Several hose | companies responded promptly, and | directed by the number sounded by the alarm, were quickly at the scene of the blaze, 507 Beech ctreet, | the property of E. Schumacher, oc- cupied by the families of T. R. Baubach and Edward Bullivant, thie latter occupying the upper floor. The fire was confined to the in- ner ceiling of Laubach’s apartments and was hard to reach. After some labor it was subdued. It was caus- @d by a defective flue. All of the furniture of both flats was remov- ed to the street with as little dam- age as possible.

Monday B. P. Farneworth of San Francisco, a fire adjuster, came down and settled the losses of Mr. Schumacher, amounting to $500, and that of Mr. Laubach for a less- er amount. He spoke in the high- est praise of the local department for its promptness and effective work, and also commended the care that was exercised in removing the furniture from danger. The property was ineured in the Spring- field Insurance Company of North America, of which George W. Lovie is agent.

Messrs. Laubach and Bulli- vant desire to return thanks for the assistance- that was given

them by their neighbors.


R. B. Woolverton, United States Wireless Ship Inspector, announces that temporary permits will be

igsued on application to all ama- teur wireless operators pending the issuance of their licenses, These permits will authorize them to op- erate provided they conform strictly to the regulations, a copy of which will be furnished when requested. Amateurs operating without such permit or license will be subejct to a fine of $100, and will not be granted a license hereafter. The reg ulations provide that the length of the wireless wave shall not exceed

200 meters, and that all stations within five miles of a government wireless etation

will be prohibited from using a greater power than one-half a kilo- watt, 8

Officers of Fraternal Aid

The Fraternal Aid Association held its regular meeting last Thurs- day evening, at which the follow- ing officerg were elected for the ensuing term of six months: Pres- ident, Selma Locker; vice president, Mary E. Read; past president, Chas. T. Cook; secretary, Martha George; treasurer, Dora Wilson; medical ex- aminer, Dr. Taggart; guide, Mary Winter; chaplain, Marie Lipp ;mus- ician, Dollie Jamieson; observer, E. O. Rhodes; sentinel, John Cowgill; press correspondent, Pear] George; trustee, W. H. Lipp Jr.

Court Paroles Oulprit

Adolph Machivelli, the young Man who entered the Demartini sa- loon three weeks ago and _ stole $50 from one of his friends, plead- ed guilty in the Superior Court Friday. The court in viewing the case and taking into cons{dera- tion the youth of the accused, de- cided to let him go on probation for one year. He will have to report to the court from time to time dur- ing the year.

Marcus’ Department Store makes a specialty of it shoe department.

Among your New Year's fes- tivities be sure to include the Hagies’sgrand ball on Tuesday ev-

ening, the 3lst instant. It will be the great closing event of the year and the greeting of the new year. The Eagles are leaving noth- ing undone to make the event a most enjoyable one.

Einstein has just received the sweliest line of hats ever receiv- ed in this city.

The Ladies’ Aid Society gave a well attended musical at the Con- gregational church on Friday even- ing. Mrs. L. P, Behrens had kind- ly alidwed her Victrola to be used and some exceptionally fine records were heard.


Restored to Health by Vinol— Letter to Mothers.

Anxious mothers often wonder why

their children are so pale, thin and ous

For. the benefit of such mothers in

this vicinity we publish the following r.

a. Edmund ae coke ., says: “My little daughter, pon wee birth, had been frail and sickly, and was a constant source of worriment. Several months ago we commenced to give her Vinol. I im- mediately noted an improvement in her health and appearance, I gave her three bottles of Vinol, and from the good it has done her I can truly

say it will do all you claim.

This child’s recovery was due to the combined action of the medicinal clements extracted from cods livers, —eombined with the blood-making and strength-creating properties of tonic fron, which are contained in

inol. vWyinak will build up and-strengthen

Choice Ist, Carroll tract, in same | delicate children, old people and the

block with Standard Oil pees sad pro- |

Big barge =F Eten lot. bargain at $235, Terms. Also other bargains. Grutter, 1208 Geary street, San Francisco,

posed 8, P.


eak, run-down and debilita vetira the money in every case where tls. F = _ D. Walsh Co., druggists, Red- wood City, Cal. | :

and have so little appetite. |



DECEMBER 21, 1912.

| effects of certain deceased persons. The following bid was received |

|from the Pacific Gag and Electric | REGULAR MEETING | company for furnishing lights for |

The Board of Supervisors met in | regular session Monday, ‘December

16th, there being present P. H. Mc-

Bvoy, presiding, Wm. H. Brown, D. | month each, $2.50.

B®. Blackburn, Jas. T. Casey and | Jos. M. Francis. The minites of the previous |

meeting were read and approved.

The application of Charles Marti- nelli and Giuseppi Gianni for a per- mit to establish a hog ranch on the Zanoni ranch in the First township, postponed from the last nieeting, was taken up.

A strong protest againet the granting of the permit, signed by Henry Geilfues, R. S. Thornton and others, was read..

Attorney Alex Heynemann, at- torney for the applicants, asked that the hearing be postponed un- til the next meeting to give him an opportunity to consult with his clients, as he was not aware that the application would be opposed.

Messrs. Geilfuss and Thornton spoke in opposition to the petition, stating that the location of the hog ranch ag proposed would _ be offensive to the residents of Colma, besides contaminating the waters of the stream that ran by the ceme- teries.

Casey stated that he wae satis.

fied that the hog ranch if located

on the Zanont place would be a pub-, lic nuisance and he moved that the |

application be denied. Mr. Heynemann renewed his plea for a continuance. Brown advised as a matter of application be postponed until next meeting.

plication but no harm could result He moved that next

in its continuance. action be deferred until the meeting.

The motion wag seconded by Blackburn and carried, Casey voting “n0;**

District Attorney Swart stated that inasmuch as the Burlingame school bonds, recently sold to the First National Bank of Redwood City would be disposed of to eastern buyers, it would be necessary to change the wording of the bonds. He therefore presented a resolution | Which was adopted on motion of Blackburn, seconded by McEvoy, ds ‘gold coin’’ to United

changing the lawful tates.”

The district attorney sent a com- munication notifying the board that after December 16th he would not permit the payment of the salaries of the motorcycle patrolmen. He took the ground that the officers were not at this season needed thorugh the whole month, that they have not been reporting to the board regularly and to keep them employed under the circumstanc- es would be illegal. He that the seven constables of the county be furnished motorcycles and that they look after the auto- mobile traffic.

Brown, Casey and McEvoy testi- fied to the good work that was be- ing done by the motorcycle officers toward the the roads.

The communication wag accepted and ordered filed.

John O'Farrell sent a communica- tion asking permission. to purchase plants for the coming season for the

money of the

preservation of

courthouse grounds, The communi-;

cation was accepted and filed.

A communication was received from the Panama-Pacific Exposition Company expressing pleasure at the proposed inspection of the exposition grounds by the Supervisors and the county fair commissionerg, and &ask- ing that notification be given of the date of the proposed visit.

The clerk was directed to in- vite the exposition commissioners to attend an adjourned meeting of the board next Monday at which time a date will be set for the inspection of the exposition site.

A resolution was adopted certi- | fying that John P. Farish had at a previous meeting furnished proof ; that he had expended a sum in ex- cess of $13 per acre in dyking and otherwise improving his margh land holdings. The purpose of the reso- lution ig to enable Farish to secure a deed from the State to his prop- erty.It is expressly provided in the resolution that he waive all claims against the county.

The resolution was adopted on | motion of Casey, seconded by Francis.

A report was received from Cor- oner Plymire showing that proper disposition had been made of the

Taste Tells

ls ll, lbs fifa:

one per month each, $1.75;

| fact that=some

| onded by Francis, that

courtesy to Mr. Heynemann that the | the |

Personally he would! not be in favor of granting the ap-

one present. that it was incumbent on that of-

every meeting of the board.

said it was a crying shame that an officer was notin attendance to



a nchige to extend the company’s | lines

tion of Francis, seconded by Brown and the clerk directed to publish the usual notice offering the fran- chise for sale, bids to be received January 20th.

construct a

The Famous Brands


Buffalo Brewing Compnay



“BOHEMIAN” (Pale Lager) “WINTER-BREW” (DarL ger)


Mayfield Brewery, Distributors

;the Belmont highway lighting dis- | | trict: For thirty 75-watt Tungsten |


seven 100-watt Tungsten lamps, per |

The bid wag uccepted on motion

| of Brown seconded py Casey.

Casey reminded the board of the | months ago Frank | Barret, on account of his failure to enter into contract to construct a bridge in the Fourth townghip, for | which he was the lowest bidder, | had forfeited $500 to the county. | His failure was due to the fact that he had overlooked an important Part of the specifications and had he undertaken the contract he woul have been a heavy loser. In the transaction the county had lost nothing. He therefore moved that | Mr, Barret’s check be returned to him.

Brown spoke in favor of Barret stating that he had proved an ex-, ceptional contractor ag work that had been previously done by him for



oF ALL KINDS: oF Baking Powders

seus ROYAL sest

The housewife and the merchant are occasionally, better said, often contronted with a new Baking Powder which is presumed to have Royal fade into glooms, but the fact remains after ali is said and tried that

ROYAL sells best and is reliable STAFFORD BROTHERS


the county was of the very best OUR PHONE MAIN 84 character. He séconded Casey's motion and it was carried, MeEvoy FP $F9S$$$445654554664545455455

voting ‘“‘no,"’ on the ground that the board’s action was not legal, al- though it might be just.

A lengthy report was received from R. M. Morton, the board's con- Sulting engineer, which was ac- cepted and ordered filed. It was ordered, on motion of Brown, sec- copies of the report be made by the clerk for the use of the board, the coun- ty Exposition Commission and the executive committee of the Develop- Ment Association and that these bodies be invited to meet with the board at an adjourned meeting al 10 o’clock next Monday for the con- |

sideration of the report.

District Attorney Swart present- | ed a petition addressed to the Rail- road Commission, asking the exten- Sion of Sylvian avenue at San Bru- no, across the tracks of the Southern Pacific Company and the United Railroads. The petition was accompanied by the necessary maps and, data required in such matters,

On motion of Casey, seconded by Brown, the petition was approved and the chairman authorized to en- dorse it for presentation to the com- mission.

Attorney James T. O'Keefe pre- sented the claim of Milton Metzler for $105, money expended in! the purchase of a tract of land’ -~in-the Third township at a tax sale, it being afterwards ascertained that the property was government land and not subject to taxation,

The .claim was referred to Mr. Swart and approved by him with the exception of $12.50 that haa been expended for advertising. With this reduction the claim was ordered paid.

For some time past the Sheriff has failed to have a deputy at the meetings of the board and Brown inquired of the chairman if it was Bot the duty of the sheriff to have ‘The chairman replied

ficial to -have a representatiye at Brown

attend to the work of the board, and avoid having private pereons answer- ing the telephone. The board took no action and the matter was drop-

John O MeEtroy, represepting the | Halfmoén Bay Light and Power Cognpany, petitioned the board for

southward from Halfmoon Bay to the ‘southern boundary of the county.

The petition was accepted gn mo-

On motion of Brown, seconded b Francis, McEvoy. was authorized to culvért and retaining wall. on Santa Cruz avenue in his district.

Francis was authorized, on mo- tion of Brown, seconded by Casey, | to construct five 12-inch culverts in his district. i

Motorcycle Officer M. F. Brown reperted since December ist five arrests and two convictions, fines $40. Cases pending, three.


A CortainRelief for Feverishouas. Jonnatipation, egda:t es tomach Troubles, Teeining

. sor 9.07 fee Pestzey orms. They Break up Colds . Trade in 34 hour. Atall Droggwte, 2icta, Don’t Sample mailed FREE. Addrevs, any substitute. A. S, OLMSTED. Le Rov. N.Y.

; Phone, Palo Alto’ 164 OF SOE SS SO SS 9 Sa


ig ready for you here whenever yeu choose to order it. No monarch eould have finer, for there ia none preduced. As queen of your household we invite your majesty to test us with am order. We know the meats will please you and all the members of your heusebold.

Thomas Tuite

Pons, Mam 681

Time and

Cooking with gas has greatly reduced the work of housekeeping. It is clean, quick, efficient. Apply a match any hour of the day or night

and you have immediately a heat that is in- tense and even.

There’s no “sweating and fussing” when cooking with gas; nor is the kitchen heated to an insufferable degree.

No home should be without “Pacific Service.” It’s an up- to-date, economical convenience that saves time and money,

Let us explain its possibilities, “Pacific Service” is “Perfect Service”


Mills Located at Principal Office, Tacoma, Wash. 401 Alaska Commercial Building, 8. F. @



Manufacturers and Dealers In

[Pine and Redwood Lu mM ber

And all kinds of Building Material ® Estimates Given on Mill Work.

e . Kopwin B, Fox, Resident Manager

OOOOO0000000000000008004808 UE foment



At $4.00 per year, a little over lea day. Can you afford to be without this proteetion tor your valuables? We would be pleased to show you our Safe Deposit Vault and the privacy which our booths give our patrons.

Redweed City Commercial Bank

Have You a Savings Account?

Dont forget when when you are ready to open a Sav account that we are the pioneer bank in San Mateo County who pajd 4 per cent to its de- positors.

The Savings & Trust Co.


(BANK BOILDING, Corner Broadway and Washington Street REDWOOD CITY, CAL. J. P. WELLER; Seo’y and Manager : : D. W. WILLIAMS, Cashier


TT SF a ES es a



; /


has A lA a


A = a

See ea



—— ~-+----- ——E eA. eee ete ae ee





AT BND OF VRAR...---00rssrerserereereeee” | Six MonwrHs—In Ar 7ANCE.----

covet **| interesting Notes Picked Up By

Saturday, December 2i, 1912.

“CITY OFFICIAL PAPER | D: E. O'KEEFE, Beker and Proprietor

3 | aa gID ymen of the

tion at Green’s hall. Camp team from San Francisco,



“employe of the Pevinsula Meat Com- pany, met with an accident home may yet cost him the lose of eye. While he was engaged in burn->

at his

last Sunday afternoon which an

ing a pile of rubbish in his yard, a

Bustling Reporters in the country Districts.


dynamite cap which had been raked up with portion lodging in the eye. the attending physician is hopeful} of saving the sight, all danger has not yet been pagsed. ;

the pile exploded, a small} While!

A local improvement club has|

| been formed among the residents of | A week ago Friday, Camp 410, Wood- | Beresford, with F.

World, had a class initia-{ ¢hairman and F. L. McLellan as sec-| The Tamalpias | retary. con-'en up will be the securing of bet-

L. Clark az

The first work to be tak-

Accompaning | ter lighting of the depot and the

Christmas Display

Stationery in Fancy Boxes Calendars Christmas Cards

| . DO



Toys from Toyland. |



The opening of our immense Toy Department will . ? a

bring with it the first real thrill of the Jolly Christinas Time, All are welcome—and be sure to bring all the

little children. OPEN EVENINGS. Men’s and Boys, Suits

| a Clothing are represented in our | ;

has her

Postals at All Prices | Parisian Ware Toy Books Stamps, Seals and Tags

The peninsula charmed Gasper de | ducted the ceremonies, y : ¥ = Portola. and Vancouver. It the team, which numbered 16 members, | crossing at the railroad at the| Crepe Desurations : Booklets | fi you also or you would a were 25 neighbors of the same Camp. county road. s Fountain Pens F ancy Confectionery Perfumes Basel eens Boys’ Help us populate it i ose who | The class numbered 24, and all of the | BELMONT NEWS NOTES and many other articles suitable for ifts stock. When you buy a suit here you can rest assured you are getting oe names and addresses of those Woodmen from far and near were * The annual Christmas exercis y the best values obtainable. x in terested. ; e ss ; venid wate SLOPMENT ASSOCIATION attendance. San Bruno Camp 1s strong | es of the local Sunday school will Phone 290L RYAN SS 203 Main St Prices, From $12,50 to $20,00 Fen DEVE eee) a enthusiastic in membership, and | be held at the Club Halt on Mon, - s —_—_- ae ene . : another class initiatian is promised in day evening, December 23a. Mrs. The Rexall Store Ladies’ Suits, Coats, Waists and Skirts: ae THE SEASON’S GREETINGS. the near futre by the manager. After | George W-al and Mrs. Center neal Se ee see ee Seales uae Fresh f the factory. Very Prett Styles and new, at pri gant a } : he arragnements ~~ resh from the J . rices | Hail to the Lord’s Anointed; pesca peer acerca Me ey reo tod a saree assortment of surprisingly low. This-department never Tad more styles—never were to § Great David's greater -_ eer <a a ee | toys for gifts to the young folks prettier. lend and let us prove what we say. suit Hail, in the time appointed, partaken of and enjoyed by all. i's teeta ye the athlete. Cook TroOws Wee Fa kena oe : M His reign on ae ; Bert Witham and Prosper Bon ar- | a ana mae ; F H lid G d com ig comes te captive £708, , | rived home last Sunday from Los Gatos - last Wednesday evening. The ancy oO j ay oo S Co i To take away ie aman | where they were construct- honore of the game were carried off ° Suitable for men, women and children. Netweadeiiiilers, toilet uy Aad rile 1 OEE : ing a $5,000 county bridge. _|by Mrs. George Roussel and Fred ; $ .articles.and hundreds of other nove ies. Also, sweater coats, umbrellas a To every one of its readers the Times-| J. Nett, the team contractor of the | johnson. | Wagons, Automobiles, and Go-Carts @ silk petticoats, shirt waists, in a large variety to select from. i : - Gazette extends the greetings of the | Mission highway, came to town last | Mrs. C. J. Lucy is enjoying & + a Bs hen ny Merry Christmas time. May this in- Monday miedo ee a lvisit from her daughter, Mrs. . e 5 \ = es ae Owing to theinclemency ©: e weath- 4 qu deed be a season of ‘“‘glad tidings to all | antag the oe wank. Seek was sus. | DOWles of Los Angeles. 5 / ven men.”” cieetemadmemeniy pended on the State highway. FROM THE COAST SIDE. 1 S ein S Ne pro} ' _ A. Walsh is visiting with her hi latte HEW TO THE LINE. aes Mrs. David Soar, at Sa- Halfmoon Bay Aerie, Fraternal AV zy aioe . . Eagles, h elected the rf In his special charge to the grand), nalNelson last Saturday night following officers: J. P. Quinlan, ; The Store Where Most People Trade ; we jury Tuesday morning Judge Buck hes | it for Los Angeles to spend twoweeks | past president; E. E. Kerrick, pre- It would take more than three times this space to Broad Opposite Postoffi 3 i imposed upon the Spat of pogeed with her son and family. sident; E. S. Gonzales, vice pres- vive a list of the various kinds of Toys that we have in 9 to 13 Broadway pp stofiice seks an important, even if unpleasant +| The Hensley-Green Co. during the|jdent; Conrad Fernandes, chap-| © 7 > : which should be approached with-| past week have been re-laying their|jain: Joe. T. McCarthy, secretary; stock for the little folhs. Suffice it to say that they em- SOLE AGENT FOR an one i PP pas' d ited Rail lain; Joe. s : rhe out sentiment or personal feeling, | main water tine acre ae Mont d Rail | Thomas C. Johnson, treasurer, m.| brace the very best and latest, and are innumerable. Nemo and Warner § Rust-Proof Corsets = i joni roads and Sot : ard; A. Lewis, While the duty . ee Bs with a new line of pipe. nae ee a = ee set t =e no | integrity of the motives of a fe The county sprinkler, much in evi-| .., gas mean ceesoceccesosesee seer eer e* paeseuseseeee? ++ ring citizen in official position is far from @|"gence during the past two weeks, has va an ; ; ; me ani e em . he pleasing one, it is a duty which must | been relegated to winter quarters. The ee ronson ~ not be shirked when occasion demands. | | Tine an ype is laying ninety: | O rai aan < en jletion aod will . : Ours are grown on OWN ROOTS, The kind you are A The ‘Times-Gazette has no desire to| pound rails on its roadbed from San} rapidly nearing comp Let the boys and girls see them and make the little ROSE NOT ASHAMED TO PLANT in your front yard. dive ; Not being in full} Bruno t the city and has about 200) soon be ready for occupancy: folks h C ly and sel he b f th ‘k They do not run into wild roses. peri prejudge any case. Not being i Greeks employed at the work. The Pioneer Club of Farallone olks happy. Come early and se ect the best of the stoc Ant ee ae Sane = = Colds seem to be an optenie here, | will keep open house on New Years We R@lace Free any which fail to grow aa charge of the Court w owing to the changeable weather of the | Eve for the entertainment of mem- ° ESS have no desire at this time to express | past month. Complaints are numerous | hors and friends, To help pass the The Will Go Chea WE PAY THE EXPR 5 , se ini ildi their | and to be immune from its effects is a w e gam and And charge you no more than if you lived next door tous. We aac an ees i rarity hie roe arp eg arantee to be e LARGEST GROWERS of everblooming roses in the the foundation. But this we do anew and | "Miss Mary Silva has returned from dancing, and refreshments will be world. Our photo illustrated catalogue tells you all about it, free if you W that is that the finger of suspicion has | ¢he ae oe aaa or ~~ A. Flink, proprietor of the own a home. . Liberal inducements for CLUB ORDERS. sun been pointed by one occupying an ex-| trac visit with friends. ohn A, nk, +s ; é ht whi alted fficial position, one who stands} Joe Custodia has moved from Oakland | Farallone hotel, is making some We are giving away a fine set of silverware, which 18 CALIFORNIA ROSE COMPANY, Pomona, Cal. elo high in the estimation of his fellow | with his family end will be associated | notable additions te that popu-| on exhibition in our window. Come in and we will tell div citizens, and it is but a matter of justice er nan. Teen pending 3 Bide Risser 505 sre| you how you may secure this valuable present. LOS ANGELES COUNTY tift that the uttermost facts be ee joint mecting of the Sout eaprese- ce is to be supplied with, hot : , ney by those upon whom the duty of in-| ment clubs of San Bruno, met Ht J&ie® | ana cold water service and electric) =" N ST 9@> THE ALHAMBRA BUILDING vestigation devolves. ers te pert _— Tee, ovev. | lights. | El N MAIN ST., REDWOOD CITY Sodorogeroesogogosovosorore SHosesosososososesosososor: Nor in this connection can we refrain | 2:5) Propositions that would be bene-| The mass meeting recently held PHONE, REDWOOD 205Y ? : $ the from a word of commendation for the | ficial to all of the people in the district. | under the auspices of the Coast + e adt splendid evidence of public spirit shown The proposed county bond issue for con-| side Promotion Association at the $ nN C ¢ = by Judge Buck in the shouldering of | structing highways was discussed, but | wontara-Faralione school house, e *9 e 3 Fel ce as no one was positive as to the rumors} 14104 9 decidedly enthusiastic af- en , en in S e 8 on what must have been a most unpleasant | .Aoat whereby San Bruno is represent- | ? y ; : 3 a duty and one not called for by the| ed as being discriminated against, final | fair, all sections being represent. + G ARDEN HOSE ; sis requirements of this official position. action is at astandstill. Murmurings|ed. The chief subject of dis- pins Sea iet a Ns _(¢ Peete tee el : Gi : ; | of discontent have arisen among some | cuszion was the proposed telephone e ; q é bl The making of ea of hyges of the people, and in .order to quell any | service for that section and good| . the Superior Court of the | Cash in Gold Coin of the United $ 1-2, 8-4 and 1 inch ; $1 character, and especially against 8") tendency toward unfounded rumors, de,| State of California, in and for the States; ten per cent (10 per) » : , ® tat official of anes own political faith, is} that ey not be true, a committee will > ysariangeel Scan oF screener ae City and County of San Francisco. | cent) of the purchase price to be| © Special Line—All This Y ear’s Rubber—no old stock—Guaranteed. 4 . I t task, andone which | invite Supervisor Brown of San Mateo | paid at the time of the gale, bal- $ ice deakem tnd peieagoner er ~ | to meet the people of San Bruno and manded were eecured and the ser-| In the matter of the Estate of | ance of purchase price to be paid) @ G A RDEN TOOLS ; bej might have been avoided by an official explain thh details of the proposed | Vice is assured, the statement be-| Cornelius Denehy, also known a8 on confirmation of sale. Abstract at} @ ~ ; Th less imbued with a sense of public | Soute from San Bruno to the Bay Shore. | ing made that Montara would prob-| ©: ee eects so Siac th aes the expense of the purchaser. The| $ tre N : ac 3 de duty. Green’s barn on San Bruno avenue ably be selected gfe location of} ,4te - 5. Dept. No. perete . the payinaet * Wire Netting of all Kinds. 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the International Peace Association, “Peace Day” will be observed at 11 o'clock Sunday at the Methodist church. The paetor will speak on “The Relation of Christianity to International Peace.” In the evening at 7:30 the subject will be, “Who Knew When Jesus was Born.” Appropriate music has been arranged for both morning and evening. Sunday school begins at 10 a. m. Young people's meeting at 6:45 p. m. All are cordially invit- ed to attend.

Church Services

Next Sunday, Christmas Sunday, the following elaborate sevrices will be held at the Congregational church: cy ets

fi ‘orship. Topic, a

11 a. m.—Morning Ww: D. ae

mas in Bethlehem.” Special ee Endeavor Soci: ei

sent out by

6: en Song service. Topic, Congregational

aa.” ‘Anthem —“Christians Awake! Salute the Happy Moon.” (Frey.) Solo—Selected. Mra. P. Wentworth. Anthem—"Glory to God in the Highest, (De- cevee:) Solo—Selected. Prof. Otis Carrington. Miss K. Wolfenden, organist.

. St Peter’s Church Services.

Services at St. Peters Church for Sunday will be as follows: Holy Eucharist at 7:30 and Matihs and sermon at 11 o'clock in the morn- ing. Vespers and address in the evening at 5 o'clock. On Christmas Day there will be Holy Eucharist at 7:30 a. m., and Christmas ser- vices and sermon at 10:30. The Sunday echool Christmas tree exer- cises will be held in the Guild hall en next Saturday, December 28th, at 7:30, in the evening, when aii interesting program will be given.

Mr. J. S. W. Hewett, of Fayett, Maine, is in this city, the guest of his cousin, Mrs. David Sampson.: Mr. Hewett has been making an extended tour of Arizona and California, and expresses himself as delighted with our climate.

For the past week patrons of the Bell Theater have been treated to some par- ticularly good entertainments, One of the best specialty attractions yet pre- sented at that house was the vaudeville ats of the Hoits, who presented an act both amusing, and interestin, and cer- tainly well worth the prices charged. For next Monday and Tuesday evenings the attraction will be Selig’s spectacu- lar masterpiece, ‘‘Monte Cristo.’’ in three reels. Although thisis one of the most expensive productions yet shown, there will be no increase in the usual popular prices. At the Christmas mat- inee every child will be presented with

a package of candy. The San Mateo grammar school trustees at a meeting last Satur-

@ay night elected Miss Janet Fer- guson of Minneapolis, Minn, domes- tie science teacher. Mise Ferguson is a graduate of the University of

Minnesota and is well qualified to take charge of the new department

i at San Mateo. She will arrive next week and will make her home here with her aunt, Mrs. Lila Kirkpat- rick. : ; .


pany officers for elected ar follows: captain; Warren Custer, Peter Lucci, nd lutenant; L. Adams, treasueer: Geo. Jenevein secretary; Joe

trol; W. Wedell, tion of trustee was laid over until the second Tuesday

held for the members and their friends.

recording secretary;

—* a

At the last meeting of the fire com- the next year were

Geo) anguson, rst lutenant;

Maloney, Ist patrol; G. Recci 2nd pa- , i, 8rd patrol. The elec-

in January, at which time a high jinks and smoker will be

her has returned from

Mrs. N. Thres' Si has

the German