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Page ATTL— Bohemian Folk Song (Kayetan Attl)....cccccc secs ee ces igs ccccncecseccecees 473, 482 AUBER— Overtires. Hia Diavolo? ais ss cseie sine he Bea 5 oie wesw are slew elS ig 09 a aeons Mies A Dep eB nels ee 495 Overenre. “Masaniellor: (oc.osicc cs canes spn ecials tin-eree aimee divans 5 <6 Vlaainiin ain mea ness ene 21 BACH— Air from Suite No. 3, D Major. ...ccccecccnrnsccccctivoesenssivsccersves 219, 329, 487 Prelude, Choral. and “Fugues... 6 os vecdswcceamesesce e eesiais opie de «ams me ss eels siete gees: 364 BACH-GOUNOD— ‘Ave Maria,” for Orchestra, Organ, Violin and Harp.....-.-seeeeerereeeeeeces 473, “S512C BEETHOVEN— Overture... *Coriolanus,” ‘Op. . G25. oo can wade cio ees eels hoo to cal ses as a eisheSh se Sule ee 5, 209 Symphony NO: 45 (C. Major, ‘Ops. 21% p-saiesinmeisinaereidiv rin #272 aieie sieve ar Mele sae eae 189 Sumphony. -No, 5,°C. Minor; Ops 62.002 .tececr ide de ss te ses oss cenetivenvien 267, 354, 478 Symphony No. 6, F Major, (Pastoral), Op. 68.....s. cece recs ee cence tee reereceens 451 Trio in “C,” Op. 87, for two Oboes and English FRGEM 6-< susieeas osc -aidtralere 6 te ON Oa eis 5llc (Messrs. Addimando, Lombardi and Plemenik) BERLIOZ— Overture, “Lie Carnaval Romain”... 2. seco ieee cay ce ssi ntne seca setadas see cm es 199 Selections from ‘“‘The Damnation of Faust”’ ROEMTATIH GE “GES. POM CtS in cis > « six So aiaie tip ergs a fe osm oBw win lg ie Lis: ae 0:49 (ee aL FTW Wm aw aL 8 aha ete 529 Pee AHCOs. ER SYlPHES «0 o.5 5d) abe prone e erapqrenttimiere mm stale a wis piss 6.0 a Wieia e's .2 6s ASR 5lic, 529 Sa Rakwery, Marche sino cae dieeinteme wos ems eis awinie ood Bae bi eiehs 0166 5.5 CRMs am reimnaS 529 BIZET— RAE Ner ret eit’ GSUELEETy | clcuw-dieisse.o* acai BiRIu,erovw, sigh Mies eho lera die ans: e.oi rhe) d 4.016199) 6G bw eth Minin SH MR ania 503 Suite No. 1,. “L7Arlésienne’ . . occa cece se tsb ee We tees mementos seers cess 103, 221: 481, 52tle BOELLMANN— Symphonic Variations for Solo, Violoncello and Orchestra (Horace Britt)....281, 332, 412 BRAHMS— Hungarian. DARCOS. 2 cicccels,. oss once veo as se givig a eee em meee se ici s Sie Lae e 6's 125,- 236c, 3390 Overture, “Academic Festival’, Op. 80........ceeceecesereeeecverersesenerscrerens 414 Symphony No. 2, D Major, OOD Ses a aeehtase oases: oe tereiph nis eye goes) 4 af os garni 81, 278 Sumpuony Nocis) Major, Op. 90.5.0 0s pci nis tems seen 6 te need 6 80 veins wide, elas saree 519 Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Op. 56a..... cece cece reece renee rece recces 9, 56b, 210 CHABRIER— Rhapsody for Orchestra, “Espana”.......escesesseeeceeeercccessrccececcacceceraaees 321 CHAMINADE— Wie Seark DATCOs . oca's sce biate s'citle oot ON pera Gee bis 0.4 5/65 « ole ale Sie og = nisin (eo MORSE iMee aes 21 CHERUBINI— Overture “tot “SAnaCreOn?” a iiicis picry oteisteTe e-clee saree Wn wie wie a oe' % ate enw wa wig es 4 tans poe eR Mees 185 CHOPIN—

Andante Spianato and Polonaise, Op. 22, for Piano and Orchestra (Tina Lerner)... .467


DEBUSSY— Psa ACT? CL MS SSCA). wo che cievees site cieteie ee ROE ohaies ob Ee Ra ae ve eeg oo ha ee: ei ee: $17 Rtewae “to ““hhe cAtternoonms Of na saline ce c.ohe re 4.c-cte ra Seat See OO owe ee $575,372, 480 SBIR C IO RPON CLT OLAS oP AG OLBLOL oii. sc 9 anibhas ais atere ererw OW bos Bieter d boc tan Wok Sie ote Sut ti nia, Ge kk BL ee 47 Lae color s. wakes Wale “Ciront above) * < sc.s00. cabs ns ne es cece ECE eek 236c ‘Lhe Serenade Of. the "Doll (éréni “above) 5. 8305-0 ae es es Beh hw es 236c DVORAK— SPARTA ORGSEC: idles eee aed. Sta lain atta pee ae asic ae Ko tt Lee ue eee 473 ENCE MMOL te UES NOTE «SIE a1. «i. opera Cvcs tiled ww ie. alls. he Graben os Ce tne aiken ca pies Meshataee 41, 207 RRs in aT OK BEBO CE a cin eS -5 hes Hale op AB OCs piste hun Pare OO be eeuecee en etic oe 236c;" 33S Stee MANOEL TPAC C CUE Mi tink, <0 inlets Car siais as 67a BT GAL Chane se Ese reve iii alae: Ce 297 ENESCO— Roane SE OSOUY.: Wk WaAOE-, Oni.; dln Nee O84 ts Sis che vodak eds cede oem eee des 65 GLAZOUNOW— Wiciner Bev ONCCEE. mIN@a Ole SOs Ad 1d sols oa kis whe elel’ © Ste Giese ane daw «dk Wee hh oe ee 169, 5ilc GLUCK— ance: or soe. rappy sopirits from /“Orpheus’ Jin. so). cs coord «o.oo denen Bucnchekee es 5llc GODARD— MHEG wOp, 116; tor mlute-ang Orchestra. Camilio Piryans) duccns Ds «hid da anaé een, Coe 295 GRAINGER— British Folk-Music Settings MOTTE, SEI CONG ina: d aig ae SNe aie isk Sipe cow cid eek Se oe cand sake eae 236c, 345, 473 Pacuovoiiie: Pond COUNCY. “DG6fr yor 0. cdkey is cil ew dak ac eee ee 345, 473 RIS EMO UCI EEO a (cag anil: 5-6 op ein aie Ie citi Ma anand SOME Ge Mie ak aie ies 5 os ee ee 345, 473 GRIEG— eT E ot SOT COu a EO 2 etacek tact hive hot p se De eae ae RS Sn Wine blared She pales te Bo 165 PES Se ANCE, WarOll “ADO VE hexad 2 a)s.a-9 Gob git rar ad oh Mi hie bein > oe sb ieee 236c Mcnvererommoncs Miron * "Deer. Gynt ‘Suite: NO. (2) ceo, ok cc sss Sokescee waa cin Gee ee 236c iBwon Mmerodses, for String Orchestra, “Opi: WA.c0e «sk ciescd pieced cles eet os. Se 29 HANDEL— mateo. dor..Orchesttra. and Organ (Edwin Hs Lemare) oc scin so eilss Mabel he eee 473 HERBERT— EOE MRIE, SMU AIUEAEN Gs. Sakae 0. Ciat6) aie GPuxghudsr sane Sipve!® aver ar ote tekseo-e deat Phblellr@lads beritSem wed. ae Le eee 507 PI META COUUS seiauk y tate t biars ty hnib-a a, Siecle a0 oP ae awla tae eka o Re eR ee eco esa: Sagat capiahabonneets 349 HUMPERDINCK— meeiude tor iiansel dnd 'Gretelc si. ede. caciicen ie os, dtwae ccd Stele eee. 217 IPPOLITOW-IVANOW— Hiwo. Uainers: from ““Catcasian. Sketches?....3...3.2 04.06 Same oe a fee eee es 527 JACOBI~— EX MASAULOUN TAL IS TTILE? Laver wie, Materash bsg Sie Ad alee 3b > GRD ae REO bdo wtb ad ee ee 197 LALO— DOVE SLAY FAC RADSOGY? War Sys <.cie sits Se MNT Ne eh eR dks ton Se ee ne DA eee 463 LEMARE— Boudar wepriccio, for Organ (Edwin HH; Démare). ..620 Sie Ne ad iv on hbo eed Racket ae 473 LISZT— Concerto, No. 2, A Major, for Piano and Orchestra (Tina Lerner)................-. 462 EE Aa RS CICA INC) or iL ils gg tens isa ealadonb ic Sle vis acd bud a on ee er oe en: ee 424, 431 ALL ee ROARS OKAY TIN Os! 12. Ig cictacaiiy-piatanic ev Sie, S nl c.d < 8.0 Ae Eh Se Pole tn iets a ee 33,, 230C cE MaMa CLO aera satan tt oct alla si vini= cs AKIMERS & ark hy ECk ca otists Bivaalettoe Oe ee ys bo | SU MOREE Te BELOCEY, © CNEL ODD Ars decd heni cic ct ahe 20S kv Ges, sim Saeed ag ade ies eon See eas 49


MASCAGNI— Intermezzo from ‘‘Cavalleria Rusticana,’’ for Orchestra and Organ (Edwin H. Lemare) .473 MASSENET— Ree ISTO TATION + neg OC KCI 5. xcs. ood ache olayeue daccasemOetacai tae & psaeaNe nstib Solace ok oee ety Pe 341, 473 WAG TES ER STI SS COTE OS os cava a's. as apne a opal SO Re CONE TA igh ela § sgh eo ua aires wa ah eI TRaR As Dee wre aaa a ae 23; 18 tTinmaem the ainden) Trees’ -Cfroiie The ADOVE) wiic.c « osc bcs coestad aude. 0 Sta as See 236c NVRECITC ATIC IN CPOE)» LOTENS Sis ats acs os" s She tele io-ejecb.B eb fw Bg atelade tee aretete Wie gteLans Bose Chane ee 236c, 473 MENDELSSOHN— Concerto. tor’ Vioun, BE Minor, ‘On:-64 Clow: Persineer)<s 25 oe oe eee ee an pecan 267, 425 Wyercure, -~“Ruy- Bias,” Op.) 9S scree wich scan Weyh wed ane ng okure ke kas Ak ot eee ee 117 Syimphony No. 4,°""Stalian,? Ay Major, ‘Ob.. 90.15. ts. 5 ac Batista oe Hn creas ee aree ee 404 MOSZKOWSKI— SSS CLEMACAl sy. cole ee bie bbe ueve sp heek Dak ole One ae ee a SR 123, 236c, 301, 329 MOZART— VAD HOMY , Gr oNESIOT © 155.5 209 e's ba och e ale, d Fae = 8 Mase te ge ae coe co, oe ce 161 Symphony, Flat Chochel:.543)) «oc cscc\ oa 'c 64 ramp beets © Sere isla MED PELE gue one aie Jad’ Solas 366, 484 NICOLAI— Overture, “The. Merry: “Wives: of ‘Wwidsor? asian? s' Ga decks ONale eh oases e dacleeeure S377 Site ee ea ee ee ca h Bau agci cist oie tse, AONE A aes. 299, 473 Opi (294 Ssa:v eee tsa wd kh Re ate eee 13, 56c, 100, 108 Sips Ciwie anus Sigh. His WISI MUA a sa Tob bik.eva ict Stile «clean ie eels ane 531 Sinte “Scheheracaae, AOpi Gaee win bec ecteeat. waveeerc iecelc < ala.e sc conc akovealeecce ainre ican ae 488 The Young Prince and the Young Princess (from the above).................-.- 5llc ROSSINI— Oxventune: ~“OWilliani® “ei? fic c ocs2.. sodecys Ee me Oh ATSC « Hicw-ia Chess a tae elder 301, 332. 476 SAINT-SAENS— mecigde-to “The Detwyes Op. (45:4. ate aati toa oa ss ccs oS Kwikies ob v0 RAO Lit; “119, -Siite “Danse Macabre. Op: AG acne aed cage rie bane ee als «Dea NS soak aa ee eee eee 410 PERE, > SOV ATL’? gusheue cp u's! > ARM Reine RNS en niece atti Sika RS supe wit 6:4.'0- aed eass ene-eilk wines eee 473

‘TLarantella,”” .\Op. 6, for Bivte: Clarinet. and Orcuestrdae cs. «oko bo ecerkisia cae ee ue 487, 497 (Emilio Puyans, Harold Randall)


Mzennoises Rhapsodié, (Op, (53;. iNenns so 4.o 552k Pos eae se hae cos Baw. wud ool 258, 376 SCHUBERT—

pyinpnony. NO,” ie. is) Minor (CU wiisned ies onc nx se viet SDKs fee sv b eo 0 4 bh babe Coen 241 SCHUMANN—

Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra, A Minor, Op.- 54 (Harold Bauer)............ 247

Syinpuony NO: 4,. D: Mipsder Op,: 120 e, ccwe.acisrerd dad ta tates cos oso bats ellen balan 137

SEARO O S| le ac nal Pugin bub 2% FBLA Ubeteae DIUE TS % read cone ey eia =, ON shea unin ee 63 SIBELIUS—

meiianara, . Symphonic, Poem, Op. (26, NO, 75 a vs ace te odo bb sae be ek eee 221, 356

OTe, EO, SEE. SAL. sande ois cis ie Stewed o-cde stra bg ulate ove: 4.boalecp ia Piety eae Rianne eres > 87

DRAUOT ET ESES © i. svahica aisle © acara tedve dete Rw aewhe Sra o Smun's ile. dun ahoeiatan avout Uhre aie ene fey ae 69 SKILTON—

von inGrart = DANCES 3:5 5.3, iz ial was 0 Siok 5 oR we eS a ae oe Gn to ee eae eee 433


DEBUSSY— Pasar Wier” “CENG Sa). CR ce ass agile sate OVE Pie Cla as Dale ce kee Teeetces be ee nee nee 317 Prenine ton LHe sArtermOon~ Ora - NAUDE s7a-4..0e one civ w ciside. 0 Cet ee ere ee ee 357, 372, 480 BELO CTP TONE SP COERIOE Siu. an, 5c TRIS FeO W Sooke WB AISA, A esate as blend eater ee ek es Ae 47 Lue MAOlTwor e “Cake talk SURO “ADOWE), . has «ceeeas . cee ee. ae tw CE ee 236c .ne perénage «of. ther Doll. Grant “above) a 24.5 OE er a Be eo ccs 236c DVORAK— PAE REEOLESIEICK.. bation 4, pall osohatefase be dieters! eiise sreles peo brane scat oe oe ee ae eee eee 473 ewe UMM SSUETS TSS STISPEEOUISY 6.8 ie /voe <<. acantep Pah abolauw asecaih Utineie-< Oty ae thr See e ee, ew beeen 41, 207 Re OIE. "RIES Noy te 6 4rd b aleh nila e's lls’. Gob ee ede Rate OE es Gon See 236c, 339 Metres TMAVONIC? DAARCORL CBr SLR a yeh SOS ok caret ay bas ake at eae | re 297 ENESCO— eI ot nan soOgy. ek “Nasior. Op. - Ut Wes ob <6 oo See ete het alee ot om na hentea 65 GLAZOUNOW— fA SOM ONCU LE es mma MII ig Prd Scheel’ cla ab Wi ehcie eB teik dad ote eas va Ree a, 169, 5llic GLUCK— Hance of tne. Flappy opis (from “Ocphete’ divi. vies on danced ido eh cme ee 5llc GODARD— Suite, Op. 116, for Flute and Orchestra (Emilio Puyans)...... GRAINGER— British Folk-Music Settings DRY? Dae: SS NONE nad aie eserdrt ears bd.a.du os Joes ie eek heat! SMoteene: front “COUNCY DCL Y 47 sow oo dai ot ous on CELE PPCM ternal. frsig i Sia a thGs eomeMralaiaie ect Aiets Ue Ges asst GRIEG— eee AL Lard = ORTIE Ce, EM, 9 Rnb Ta co ip tas olsth Gye ie le. $ ae Wie o Uubsere Picue Wicd akEIe ORT eRe Doe RA a3 eee PEACE. ALTON "ANIONS ) yave.d svarers oie pie td. 4. 4 aes Mera Oke in bo, ohds Boe 236¢ MOIVelone mone Kronor Peer Gynt . Suite. NO, 02) ices 2 is cies 6 ess ok ea en eee 236c nwa mecrOdies, fOr orig, Orchestra, JOP: SSiisce oss cols as c hemmed < Bak odabomebos, oa 29 HANDEL— iaceo,- tor Orchestra and Organ (Edwin H.. Lemiareé) siicis icc bode ook ee. 473 HERBERT— PSCC TALE © CATICAGRES Soka 5: oak 6tRia: EV uacuade pare Gob ele Sve ax ofveghinrg peewee Wels di eldians is dice eee 507 PRAEGER ORY _sinnyiiis eV iartchis Bint sacdist0 6c. o-0 yp Vdd ele wed bie we aOR ee ae 9:4 ac ) aetna nee ais 349 HUMPERDINCK— meeiuae to rransel-; and.) (Gretel: ih. sck.. viactidce sed aes oe eG teehee tee « 217 IPPOLITOW-IVANOW— iw. itunners: irom “Caucasian Sketches’’.....:. ssi. .< a swwa an ack Co ele wae ee ce Dai JACOBI— PU RsACOUIAL OITLCE! ioyc.0 oha clcke ashe Gal aie Slaw ele ole ek b) A dtea EROR ocdc whet Gleh one Ce a ee 197 LALO— DINE RIA YIRREDCOGM wis a\.a oss ni'bin.tie AoE Se Sie ay hives Ui ade cea eons ee ee eee 463 LEMARE— RonGor Gapmecio; for Organ. ‘(idwin EH. Lemare)’. casos cs koe oad sc oaiee avd fo ee 473 LISZT— Concerto, No. 2, A Major, for Piano and Orchestra (Tina Lerner)..........¢...00e. 462 Se oie lt EE OELY INO Seid rn Slo a ats Catia Ke ais Wonet cued nal oes ve ees cee 424, 431 Rola ee AGERE ISOC TION Os! 12). Ga a ania: cragind at RE. 6 dha ial bse oo Pio eile al Bee sale G Ndes kee ce 33;. 2a0c NAO ae MR TACOS dae aso dat cs on, Sina cailat Slclhin ax cin‘ aas Catmeee picts oss na wit Hees tects Oe Oa ae FB yer lene Sy Renae ORS G) OS IE AZON TA cat oe snc ei Nee dik adatiih nic Gide ate a eed ne tee le 49



Intermezzo from ‘‘Cavalleria Rusticana,’’ for Orchestra and Organ (Edwin H. Lemare) .473 MASSENET—

Bailepeirisicen peor Ss Ci ese aod Sine kijoia aed SoA ace Wonneew a face relation Piha ereata ate. eeeineenead 341, 473

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Concerto for Violin,’ EB Minor; Op; 64 €Lowis: Persingery.. ..5 cu vse ter ee eee 267, 425

Gyerwire, ~ uy. Blas Op. Ghscodks + wets, chance ws. alse w alah eee cae ee Lota haeeeee 117

Syaaphony No. -4,. “‘Ftalian,? Ar milayor. Op. 9B is. ca 5 coats ue big alee nas 2 ae 404 MOSZKOWSKI—

PERO CREMIACE Soa AAG 8: B54 Sen seDerd shim RSenaL Acs wee ape ble, Rane Wee eee at cae cm ee ere 123,. 236c, 301, 329 MOZART—

SMI HOY Gi ANEIMOT * -oa.0)o. 560% 5 5 Gibb ae.a) Sime: Sane yh peep eee Se BUS ih sa aa, 5" sta dinigea keene 161

Symphony... Hiatt’ Chochels:543) <2 ¢ sics\ wine.¥ 4, te ae eae oe eRe ED PN Sates Tos ie na = otras 366, 484 NICOLAI—

Overture, “The . Merry “Wives of ‘“WiHitso 5 /cs:) bi cia ab ee aad e hte dae hector. 3375, OULe PIERNE—

Slog. (i re a eT eae Pee ie ee) eT ee eee 299, 473 RACHMANINOW—

symphony No, 2,. E Mitior, Ope 27, oc + epee: 4 nln ens eh k lee 13, 56c, 100, 108 RIMSKY-KORSAKOW—

Gapriccio. Espagnol, Op. -S42%q..iscahed aes oe adele a se Sins oo ils «Ne eee ee 531

suite -“Scheherazade,” Op; 2206 sich 6 te, co mmc atieer cs!a's-s/cs « 5 acc aiotaae en te oie 488

The Young Prince and the Young Princess (from the above).................%. 5llc


Overtuire;. -“Witwame helt” 5. voce Sac Seema na ote aoatlele &ua.c.5.ucr eS le dele eee 301, 332; 478 SAINT-SAENS—

PECUdes so) LAE Delmer: Tl, AS aceon tid ace re ks acs EUS oub 9.0 eNOS itt, “119; “Sere

‘“Wanse Macabre? On. AG igen ee ape Peas ae eta wn Ge tetak (erat vie ds a ean cee eee 410

VENELCL = SAUTE.” gichars Sg bate emaIe eteel eee en a ctee ees oP TERS Eva Re ons og ai tuaHiend ein ae SSI 473

‘arantéella,” \Ops 6, for. Blate, "Claxinet and , Orehéedita os . 8s vs cassis ccs cetace 487, 497 (Emilio Puyans, Harold Randall)


VWaennoises Rhapsodie, (Op; S3,. aloiawe. «fs. anc ci ee ee Via’ as a Ha SEES Cae eee 358, 376 SCHUBERT—

SyiInpnony. No.’ ese Minor . CU nnHintean as 82 s)c.0e cule Pek ois ce ce a oe eS hae oe 241 SCHUMANN—

Concerto for Pianoforte and Orchestra, A Minor, Op.- 54 (Harold Bauer)............ 247

Ssympuony No: 4,.D: Minors Op. -120s 2. cucepssdaedébeceaiolssctnn ede cole 137

SRE AUITTA TIED on She c.0 ne’ od UMD By Mb 6 Ek 9 CSIRO DIE 6 © be ce oe Soa eee oa pee 63 SIBELIUS—

Soimiangia, “Symononic, Poem, Op,. 26, 61N0.0. 7% 1s». 0 osm wet > Seve seed bee ee 221, 356

PHOTO. SEACH, OUUTT” SALA ui view iain dew Gikigae ly T aunte. erway Sukiaie ate a beat vac Fo cie hs. Sepals te at one 87

DION SE LASLO. =< vic 5. d:aFecg's ieie Webhtaie caub Sr kegieie he Tobe wine Oeaka ols. o xis Sekhar ent dee ee 69 SKILTON—

Miwon sitar DANCES sc ya), sun dd wine his os RE OS Oe ote discs SL eee. Oe eee 433



SMETANA— Vitava (The Moldau), Symphonic Poem, for Harp (Kajetan Attl)


Symphonic Poem, “Don Juan,”


Overture, “‘Poet and Peasant’’


‘‘Marionette Dance,’


Overture, ‘‘Mignon’

TSCHAIKOWSKY— Andante, Op. 11, for March Slav, Op. Overture, “The Year

Suite, from the Ballet ‘‘Casse-Noisette,”’ Chinese Dance (from above) Dance of the ‘“‘Fée Dragée”’

Suite No. 3, G Major, Op. 147, 282, 394

Symphony No. 4, F Minor, Op. 36 309, 427 “Pizzicatto Ostinato”’ from Symphony No. 4, F Minor

Symphony No. 6 (‘‘Pathetic’’), B Minor, Op.

WAGNER— A Faust **Dreams”’ “Das Rheingold”’ Entrance of the Gods into Walhalla


for Harp (Kajetan Attl)


“Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg”’ Prelude Prize Song “Die Gétterddimmerung”’ Siegfried’s Rhine Journey ‘*Lohengrin”’ Introduction to Act ‘**Parsifal”’ Klingsor’s Magic Garden and “Rienzi” Overture *“‘Siegfried”’ Voices of the

‘“Tannhauser”’ Overture ‘Tristan and Isolde’”’

Prelude and Love Death


“Tnvitation to the Dance’”’


Souvenir of Moscow, Op. 6, for Violin and Orchestra

ZABEL— ‘“‘At the Fountain,’’ for Harp (Kajetan Attl)


Symphonic Poem, ‘Lamia’

| O C ee ee

The | San Francisco Aymphony Orchestra

_ Maintained by @ heat cal Association Ot pa

n francgco

Alfred Rerkx Gonductor

Announcement Season 1917-1918


HE Board of Governors of the Musical Association of San Fran- Bones which maintains the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra,

has deemed it a civic duty to make redoubled efforts to insure a successful musical season, for-in times of stress, music becomes a worthy diversion and a noble solace.

The importance of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra as a civic asset can well be borne in mind by our citizens and they can give evidence of their support by their regular attendance at the concerts.

The seventh season of our activities will begin on Friday after- noon, October 12th, when the first Symphony concert will be given in the Cort Theatre. The season will consist of twelve Friday Symphony concerts, twelve Sunday Symphony concerts, and ten Popular concerts. The public interest in the programmes will be maintained, and many new numbers will be presented.

Mr. Alfred Hertz has been retained as musical director, and the fact that he will be the conductor gives assurance of the high quality of the concerts.

Season tickets will be sold for all concerts. The dates and terms of sale will be found on the last page of this announcement.

It has been decided, owing to the continued increase in member- ship, that a re-allotment of seats will serve the best interests of the Association, hence seats will be apportioned in each class by lot, giving equal opportunity to the members:in each class, and each member will be so notified.

The steadfastness of the Membership, combined with the admir- able enthusiasm of the recently formed Woman’s Auxiliary, whose de- voted and successful work is a matter of common knowledge, en- ables the Association to enter the new season upon a broader foun- dation than ever before.

In 1914 the Musical Association had 291 members; in 1915, 291 members; in 1916, 309 members; in 1917, 325 members, and we are about to enter the new season with more than 400 members and our membership campaign still under way.

The co-operation of all members toward the securing of new members is earnestly requested. The list of subscribers who make it possible for the Musical Association to maintain the San Fran- cisco Symphony Orchestra will be made public at a later date.

TOOT eng meter

Poe art '


LI members of the Musical Association of San Francisco wish- A season tickets for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Concerts should at once fill out the inclosed blank and mail same together with check to the office, 453 Phelan Building, San Francisco.

The apportioning of seats for the 1917-18 series of Concerts will be by lot, so as to establish the order in which Subscribers in each of the various classes of membership may select their respective seats.

The Board of Governors has invited Miss Lena Blanding, chair- man of the Woman’s Auxiliary, Mrs. Frank W. Griffin, and Mrs. M. C. Porter to be present at the drawing. These ladies will certify to the order in which the names are drawn, after which the various members will be allotted seats according to their drawn number within the time specified below.

In order to assist the Manager in allotting the seats according to the choice of members, each member is urged to indicate at once on the inclosed blank the number of seats desired (within the limit allowed) and the location preferred. Allotment of seats will then be made by the Manager in accordance with the order in which the names are drawn, and as nearly as possible in accordance with the preference expressed by the members on the said cards.

Owing to the limited number of aisle seats (always insufficient for the demand) not more than one aisle seat can be included in the choice of any one member.

The order of choice established by the drawing applies to the selection of seats for any or all of the three series of season tickets, namely: Friday Symphonies, Sunday Symphonies, and Sunday Popular Concerts. |

It is especially called to the attention of members that any member who does not advise the Manager on or before Wednesday, August 27, 1917, of the location preferred, will be considered to have waived his or her right to select seats in the order allotted.

In order to allow sufficient time for all members to be heard from, sale of tickets to members will be held as follows:

CLASS A, CLASS B, CLASS C sale closes August 27th. CLASS D (entitled to 6 seats) closes August 28th. CLASS E (entitled to 4 seats) closes September Ist. CLASS F (entitled to 2 seats) closes September 21st. CLASS G (entitled to 1 seat ) closes September 22nd.



Concerts will be given in the Cort Theatre on the following afternoons. Friday concerts will commence promptly at 3. P. M., Sunday at 2:30 P. M.


October 12 October 14 October 21 October 26 October 28 November 4 November 9 November 11 eipoembersis November 23 November 25 December 7 December 9 December 2 December 21 December 23 December 16 , anuary 4 ; anuary ‘a January 13 anuary 18 anuary

February 1 February 3 eee re February February 17 eet a

March 1 March 3 February 24 March March 17 March 10



Box, 8 seats : Box, 8 seats $125.00 Box, 6 seats Box, 6 seats

Box, 6 seats upper 3 Loge, 5 seats Box, 6 seats upper Orchestra seats ; Loge, 5 seats Balcony, lst 3 rows : Orchestra seats Balcony, next 5 rows... f Balcony, ist 3 rows

Balcony, next 8 rows... | Gallery, Ist 5 rows Balcony, next 13 rows..

Gallery, next 5 rows.... : - Gallery, Ist row Gallery, last 5 rows j Gallery, next 14 rows...


Box, 8 seats . $110.00 Box, 6 seats 80.00 Box, 6 seats upper

Loge, 5

Orchestra, Ist 3 rows... Orchestra, remainder.... 9.00 Balcony, Ist 3 rows 9.00 Balcony, next 5 rows... 7.00 Balcony, next 8 rows... 5.00 Gallery, Ist 7 rows 5.00 Gallery, next 8 rows.... 2.50

In the event that a Federal Tax is established upon Concert Tickets the amount of such tax will have to be added to the above prices,

The San Franciseo Symphony Prehestra _ Maintained by

BieMusical Association of San francigco

Alfrea fertx Gonductor

) Arogramme Hirst Pair of Symphony Concerts 1917-1918

Cort Cheatre


of San Francisco

Junction of Market & O’Farrell Sts. and Grant Ave.

ISAIAS W. HELLMAN : Chairman of the Board I W. HELLMAN, Jr., President CHARLES J. DEERING, Vice-President PAUL A. SINSHEIMER, Assistant to the President H.-G. LARSH; Cashier and Secretary CHARLES du PARC, Assistant Cashier W. C. FIFE, Assistant Cashier I. J. GAY, Assistant Cashier L. E. GREENE, Trust Officer F. J. BRICKWEDEL, Assistant Trust Officer

Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits $ 3,075,000.00 Deposits 28,900,000.00 $32,770,000.00

Commercial, Trust and Savings Departments Safe Deposit Vaults


fie ae $11000000 far sa aa : ey ESTABUSHED i652


New Accounts Invited

Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent

a = = P= = = PS = = = = =: = = = = = = a = =


Musical Assuciation of San Sranciseo

Founded December 20, 1909 Incorporated February 3, 1910

Maintaining THE SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Alfred Hertz, Conductor


WILLIAM SPROULE, President Joun Parrott, Vice-President Joun D. McKee, Treasurer

A. W. WIDENHAM, Secretary-Manager


I. W. Hellman, Jr. EF. D: Beylard

A. C. Kains W. B. Bourn

J. B. Levison Selah Chamberlain Walter S. Martin Cy ae SLOG ReL John D.- McKee Wm. H. Crocker L. F. Monteagle Edgar J. DePue John. Parrott E. R. Dimond Osgood Putnam © As B. C.. Dohrmann John Rothschild Ry. Wi. Byte

Leon Sloss J), Grant William Sproule Frank W. Griffin Sigmund Stern BE. ox denier


John Parrott, Chairman J. B. Levison E. B. Beylard £. So Heller Wm. H. Crocker Edwin R. Dimond

Wm. Sproule Ex-Officio $ PEATE oy Tigh at Wee ee


457 Phelan Building, San Francisco Telephone Garfield 2819


i er

CT gE PREITY, i a a a aa aed -. i sa es ae

_— ST et eet DAES ens me

Raa aS FLL ECP EEL POS oe ee




ALFRED HERTZ, Conducting CORT. THA TRE Sunday Afternoon, October 21, 2:30 o’clock

PROGRAMME ke Overture, “Massaniailo’’. daguitene ape eres ie se me ee A UBER Mi AISACIOU CREOS te Mivlils) acakocoett kun clotun ee haga. pote) eet aes MASSENET Bone Heartwounds | ) SRR AAC LC LAA RY Ae ye a ge Bee GRIEG b. LastvSprime -) A. Seare vane ete, , Sets iecstcthes vole biac amauta ieee eee ie CHAMINADE 5. Rhapsodie Ubi: sevahari se trey ero ee Sh ee Liszt

25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 All Tickets on Sale Sherman, Clay & Co.


C.© RT.) PH PALS, &

Friday Afternoon, October 26, at 3 o'clock Sunday Afternoon, October 28, at 2:30 o’clock

PROGRAMME 1... Symphony,” Newuny orld aka. eee an vies oe ne DvorAK 2) ORM Per Se MCOTTIGUe . .\.. ansse E Cammeie ee alte oP eels te DEBUSSY 3. * Mazeppas.< susneunets as sa ere vaepin capeetaeapeye a: at ole peas es «als Liszr

Tickets on sale beginning Monday at box offices of Sherman, Clay & Co., hours 9 to 1 and 2 to 5; and at Cort Theatre from 9 a. m. on days of Concerts.



The San Francisea Sumphony Orchestra


| Hivst Pair of Sumphony Conrerts

Season 1917-1918

Friday Afternoon, October 12, at 3 o'clock

Sunday Afternoon, October 14, at 2:30 o'clock



1. BEETHeVONS a Overture, Op. 62, “Coriolanus”

2. BRAHMS.... Variations on the Choral, “St. Anthony’’ (Op. 56-A)


do. RACHMANINOW........ Symphony, E Minor, Op. 27

Largo—Allegro Moderato Allegro Molto


Allegro Vivace

SPECIAL NOTICE—Annotated programmes will be mailed to your ad- dress in advance of each concert upon payment of $1 (for the season). Mail check to A. W. Widenham, Manager, 457 Phelan Building.

Ladies are requested to refrain from putting on hats and wraps until the end of the concert.


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Will you consent to a demonstration, and designate the road?

Poo Db Roe GL O he CoO

DISTRIBUTORS MCARMON ACTOTOR CARS 1656-1666 California St. San Francisco

Oakland Branch, 2420-24 Webster Street

PROGRAM NOTES i By Felix Borowski

OVERTURE, “CORIOLANUS,”’ Ludwig van Beethoven, 62 Born December 16, 1770, at Bonn. Opus Died March 26, 1827, at Vienna.

ORIOLANUS—a Roman patrician supposed to. have been given his name on account of his capture of the Volscian town, Corioli— was by reason of his haughty defiance of the plebeians impeached and banished from the state. Having taken refuge with the

Volscians, Coriolanus aided these enemies of the Roman government by leading their armies against his native race. The Romans were panic stricken at the victorious progress of the exiled patrician; and when Coriolanus appeared with his army at the gates of Rome deputa- tions were sent out to plead with him. But there burnt within the heart of the proud Roman fiercer fires than those fanned by the lust of conquest, or by the stiring exultation of victory about to be achieved. Coriolanus had long brooded over the vengeance that he had determined should be his; and now vengeance was at his hand— the hated foes who had condemned him to ignominy and exile were about to be delivered into his keeping. to do with as he would. The deputations were sent back, and Coriolanus prepared for his onslaught on the city. But the Romans now played their last throw for blood- less victory. The noblest matrons of Rome, at their head the venerable mother of Coriolanus, and his wife, Volumnia, with her two children, came to the tent of the warrior, and they entreated him for mercy. The humble pleading of the women, their tears, their grievous sorrow, went to